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Paldea Adventure Chest
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Pokemon is going from strength to strength and we couldn't be happier! We try to offer a range of cards we thought would be of great interest such as the highly sought after 151 set. These rare gems are a treat!


Magic The Gathering

We have started to immerse ourself more and more into the world of magic. Whether that be in the form of our higly collectable Japanese Magic the Gathering cards or your latest english boosters at great prices. We aim to bring you everything you need to make your best deck. If there is something you want, we aim to get it to you and at a great price! So please do, get in touch if we can bring you something you are missing to have that amazing deck you deserve!

Modern Horizons 3
Mh3 Sma Key 1000X1000 En

Our Services

What we sell

We source Japanese tradable items and bring them to the UK. Our usual stock includes: Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic The Gathering, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. We often stock the Japanese language cards so please check which variation you are getting before purchasing! We also now offer custom playmats! Please do send us an email if you are interested!

Shipping details with free Shipping Over £50!

On all other orders we use a super smart process based on weight to get you the cheapest delivery to your door. No hidden delivery fees within a higher product price! We offer selectable speeds to suite your needs. For more details, visit our shipping prices page linked at the bottom of the page.

Our Mission

Here at Red Sun, we have been playing TCG and table top games since we were knee high to a grass hopper and we think you should have the right "thing" to complete your collection or get you that dream deck you always wanted.