Who we are

A small business that cares

What We Do

We try to find and offer the best selection of Japanese collectable items. Whilst we specialise in trading cards we also offer other items such as: figures, dice, glasses, towels and much more. If we think you guys will want it, we get it! Our stock changes regularly as we scour looking for great bargains to showcase so make sure to keep an eye out!

Yugioh Square
Dragonball Fan

How did we start

It all started with a trip to Japan, and we saw just how good they have it! All those nice cards and merchandise! It just wasn't fair! We decided something should be done about this and so we find these hidden gems and offer them to you! We quickly realised that eBay wasn't for us and was holding us back from bringing you the items we wanted, so here we are! A brand new shiny site!

What we started with