Lost Caverns of Ixalan

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Set Mechanics

Dual Faced cards make a return in this set, which might be something to note for newer players who are looking to do their first draft that sleeves will be required. When Ojer dies he comes back as a tapped land that can then be transformed back in Ojer with a total of three mana and after a red has done 4 damage. This could be a great reappearing card on the battlefield! At 4/4 with Trample, this is certainly not to be sniffed at!

Ojer AxonilTemple Of Power

This set is meant to be an action and adventure set with players having access to sagas which look to be great fun!

Welcome to Saga

Cards we like the look of

Cavern of Souls: Finally, a reprint of this amazing land! With an ability to cast spells that cannot be countered, this card will surely see a lot of play in every format, especially against blue decks. In this set, we will also see 4 different colour variations to match the flavour of your deck, so get ready to collect them all!

Cavern Of Souls


Indominus Rex, Alpha: An amazing new Green/Blue/Black Legendary card that will surely see play in new Commander decks. When entering the battlefield, discard all the creatures you like and gain their mechanics, then draw for the same amount. Being able to fill your graveyard with creatures for some effective combos will create a great excitement with this commander!

Indominus Rex


Ian Malcolm, Chaotician: “If they don’t do it, someone else will.” Another amazing Legendary creature, this time with Dr. Ian Malcolm in Blue/Red colours. After drawing many cards, exile the top card of your deck and feel free to play it with any colours you like! This can set up some amazing counter/burn combos with both red and blue colours. You also get the added benefit of making Ian Malcolm quotes when summoning this to the field, so this is also a bonus.

Ian Malcolm

With the set release due in about one month, we expect to see many more card teasers before then. So stay tuned to see what else is on the way! You can pre-order your boosters and boxes here!