It’s been a long wait for the new Modern Horizon’s 3 set, but it’s just around the corner for us at Red Sun Collectables and our many eager fans of MTG.

Building on the success of Modern Horizon’s 2, this new set promises to deliver a treasure trove of new and sought-after lands, artifacts, and Legendary Creatures, available only to our dedicated collectors through Play Boosters and Bundles.

The Eldrich-horror-inspired Eldrazi dominate this set with titanic spaghetti monsters from another magic dimension facing off against the forces led by Ajani.

Let's look at what lives in our Play Boosters and the boxes we have for all our fans of this seminal card game set.

Big Hitters

We can’t mention the big hitters without mentioning the Eldrazi. They are going to be a feature throughout this set. They are seen in the showcase art for lands, have multiple reprints, and will also dominate the top slots for price. So, pulling one of these massive entities will be a feature for collectors.

Emrakul will be a chase mythic that fans hope hits the table to effectively shatter any hopes of the game or their opponent's cards surviving. She has “when you cast this spell gain control of all creatures target player controls.”

Ulamog, Ulalek, Herigast, and Kozilek are all cool world-breaking cards that take a lot to cast, but there are a few ways around this, thanks to the weird Eldrich lands in the set. They also look amazing in all their eerie horror!

Ajani makes a comeback in this set in his “Necatl Avenger” guise. The double-sided planes walker card of the bastion of good will be going up against these otherworldly horrors. He won’t be alone, as some seriously big cards are coming for the forces lining up against the horrors.

Tamiyo has a stunning new take on the Kamigawa Planeswalker. Grist has a freaky double-sided larvae card, and Kaalia and Kudo make a reappearance, too.


The lands of Modern Horizons are always sought after, and they also come in a range of cool treatments. Fetch lands were a massive part of MH2, but now we are seeing real heavyweight dual-lands that come in the form of:

       Bloodstained Mire

       Flooded Strand

       Polluted Delta

       Windswept Heath

       Windswept Foothills

There are a host of other cool lands, namely the Eldrazi-ramping Ugin’s Labyrinth, which is also a super expensive collector card.

Barbarian Ring gets a reprint for the first time since Odessy; Phyrexian Tower needs no introduction, and Shifting Woodland will be a boon for green decks. These are just a few of the brilliant lands that will power your playstyle across MH3 and flesh out your existing decks.


The much-loved medallions—Emerald, Jet, Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire — come back in this set in stunning extended art treatments, which will be key for collectors and completionists. They are, no spoiler needed, the chase cards of this set alongside the Flare cards.


Many cool sorcery cards are in the MH3 set, but none come close to the “Flare Cards,” These take the shape of Flare of Cultivation, Flare of Denial, Flare of Duplication, Flare of Fortitude, and Flare of Malice.

Each gives a boost to the mana colours they originate from and gives a powerful punch to any deck running mono and dual colours.These are just some of the brilliant cards coming to MH3, and we have you covered for all your Eldrazi building and slaying needs!

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