A new start to trading cards at Holmfirth Gaming Centre

This is just a little start to a whole new area just for our trading card community! We have plans to plaster those walls in some amazing Magic the Gathering and Pokemon images to really make everyone feel at home. We fully expect this area to grow in the future and will hopefully soon feature a counter so we can host our events outside of the normal area and not interfere with the table top gamers events. These tables are now slimmer so people can read opponents cards a lot easier and should make game play a lot easier! 

As an added bonus, we have managed to negotiate a new entries policy for card players at Holmfirth Gaming Centre! Players can now use this new TCG area for free for games under 2 hours and just say to please buy a item of food or drink to help keep the club open and able to house us! Anything longer and the usual entry rules apply. This is just so we can help support the club and keep it running. 

Below is some pictures from our recent Fallout event being played in our new area and it helped make it a great day! Now we have our own area we can really start to use this for more events and great competitions!